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  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Course ON-LINE
  • Basic First Aid Course ON-LINE
  • Non-Health Care Provider CPR Course ON-LINE
  • Health Care Provider CPR Course ON-LINE
  • Sexual Harassment Course ON-LINE
  • Workers Compensation Course ON-LINE
  • Fire Inspector Test Review ON-LINE
  • Fire Officer Test Review ON-LINE
  • Arson Investigator Test Review ON-LINE
  • Fire Instructor Test Review ON-LINE

Chief Competelli

About your instructor:

The instructor for most courses is the Director of TBS (Tampa Bay Safety) Patrick Competelli. Chief Competelli is the former Fire Chief for the City of Belleair Bluffs Fire Rescue and Former District Fire Chief for the City of Dunedin Fire Rescue.  Chief Competelli holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University, a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from Eckerd College and two Associates Degrees, one in Fire Science, and one in Emergency Medical Services. Chief Competelli also holds certifications as a Fire Instructor III, Fire Inspector I, Arson Investigator, Fire Officer II, Fire Extinguisher Technician, CPR Instructor, First Aid Instructor and is a Nationally Registered Paramedic. Chief Competelli spent the last twenty-five years working in several positions with the Pinellas County Medical Director’s Office to include: Director of Quality Management, Medical Communications Officer and Medical Officer of the Day.

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We teach safety courses for ALL industries. If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment with one of our instructors, please contact us.


You are responsible for completing all assignments, papers and group projects (if any) in order to receive full credit for the course. A passing grade is 70% and is considered a “C”. Points will be deducted for late or missing assignments and will affect your final grade.  Your final grade must meet a minimum score of 70%, a “C” in order to pass this course.


The course consists of quizzes that will cover information from each lesson, may contain a group discussion board to which you must respond to at least two threads to receive credit and a final exam.  Some courses are delivered on-line and all work that is required to be sent to the instructor shall be sent via this learning portals drop box feature or via direct email to the instructor.


Each students code of conduct is expected to be exactly what it would be like in a regular classroom atmosphere.  Communications on message boards, privately between students and groups or with the instructor or guest instructors is expected to be extremely professional and appropriate.  Each student is responsible for his or her own work and will be expelled if found to be sharing information or copying or sharing test information with a student of this course or of any other course taken via the on-line learning portal. Plagiarism is NOT advised.

Please enjoy the course and do not forget to contact your instructor or instructors assistant if you have any questions or problems while navigating through the course.  Good Luck.