• Join us for the first annual Fire Extinguisher Conference
  • May 17 and 18, 2019
  • $210.00 includes 16 hrs. of required CEU
  • $500.00 for vendor, includes tables


See our list of customers. Give them a call if you would like. We are confident in their recommendation. We train companies large and small.

Fire Extinguisher Information

The occupant of a space should check a fire extinguisher every thirty days for the following.  You should check to make sure that the fire extinguisher is where it is supposed to be, hanging securely on the correct mounting bracket. You should make sure that the pressure needle is reading in the green area. You should make sure that there are not bugs living in the hose and you should document that you checked the fire extinguisher with the date and your initials on the reverse side of the inspection tag. Fire extinguishers are required to be professionally  inspected and maintained annually by a permitted fire extinguisher technician. We will check your fire extinguisher to make sure it will operate in an emergency, we will refill the chemical and recharge the fire extinguisher if that is needed.  Some Fire Extinguishers will require additional service, for example a six year or a twelve year internal maintenance and rebuild. Tampa Bay Safety Takes care of all of this for you and we never over bill; We give you just what you need. We make sure that the fire extinguisher is up to date with all required service based on NFPA 10 and the manufacturers recommendations.  Make sure that your fire extinguisher company is licensed. visit here and make sure they are the real deal.Tampa Bay Safety, LLC and all of its employees are licensed, permitted and insured.

Class and Course Information

Tampa Bay Safety, LLC is an approved provider through the Florida State Fire College, the American Heart Association and the Home Safety Council. We are active members of the National Fire Protection Association NFPA, the Florida Fire Chief’s Association and the National Association of Fire and Arson Investigators NAFI.  All our services are provided as per the most current Florida and National Fire and Life Safety Standards.  All our instructors are certified.  Tampa Bay Safety is Licensed and Insured.


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